Dear Mr. Tom, On behalf of everyone at Cinnamon Grand Colombo let me say a big thank you for giving us the opportunity to host your event. All of us have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with you to make it a grand success. Whist we say Thank you again for your wonderful gifts and feedback do apologize for the certain drawbacks you had to face. However, we promise to rectify these lapses and make your event an even better event next time you decided to return. Stay blessed and a safe journey back home from all of us!
Udaya, Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hi Tom. Insha here! So sorry I had to leave today without even saying good bye. Thought I’ll drop you a message. Firstly, really appreciate and admire the amount of time, effort you take with each individual at the conference, much appreciated. Secondly you have done an amazing job at curating and organizing the event. It was really more fun than work. I really had a good time.
Hi all, just landed in VCE👍. Thank you all for the nice time spent together! Thanks to Tom and his fantastic team for the excellent organization! See you in South Africa.
Giovanna Cardinali, Cargo Start
Thank you all. It was a pleasure to meet u all again. Tom thank you for the great conference and again a very good choice of extra activities!!! Next year skydiving?
Martin Tobolski, Redline Spedition & Logistik (GMBH)
Got home to KUL Malaysia safely this morning...had an awesome time making new friends and business...fantastic work by Tom and his team...looking forward to be in touch with everyone and meeting again at the next WLA Conference...Terima kasih 🙏
Paul Adaikalam & Guhan Ravichandran, Triangle Worldwide Malaysia.
As a new member, it was my pleasures to became a part of this family and the opportunity to represent all our companies. All the best to all of you and especially all compliments to Tom and his amazing stuff.
Damjan Mrakič, MERIDIANA Shipping Agency d.o.o. Koper
Thanks Everyone for making these days memorable and hope we all have a good biz among our network partners👍
Deep Chopra, Magnetic Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Thank you Tom Pagels and member of African Global Logistics Network (AGLN), it was fantastic!
Este de la hunt
Hello everyone, Just landed in Italy 🇮🇹🍝🍕 Many thanks to all of you, it has been a pleasure meeting you! A big thank you to Tom, Riti and Adi for having organised such a wonderful summit ✨ Hope to hear from you all soon! Anna, Barbara and Fabrizio from BeOne
Anna, Barbara and Fabrizio from BeOne
Hi Everyone. After missing the conference for many years. I’m glad to come back to see you all again. And it’s good to see new friends as well. I also would like to thank Tom, Riti and Adrien for handling such a wonderful event. Looking forward to seeing you all again.
Teerapun Silverline
Thanks a Lot for arranging such an effective summit after two years. Lots of take away from there. Expecting to have even better summit in Srilanka in 2023. Dear Riti, truly appreciate your help and cooperation all the way extended to me. Hope to see you all. Best regards.
Monoar Hossain , Brisk Logistics
We too are back home now ….just landed . It’s our immense pleasure to attend this conference and thanks to all the attendees for exchanging business ideas with us . Thanks to Tom , Riti and Adi for your warmth and for making this cheerful time possible … thanks once again for the great conference to all. Regards,
Chandrakanth & Janaka from TSS Supply Chain Logistics PVT. Ltd. , Mumbai.
Hi All, Just back to my home Pakistan, thanks to network team and all other friends. It was a wonderful event and we enjoyed it a lot.
Liaquat, Seafreight Advisor
Thank you everyone for this great event in Dubai , that was also my first meeting in WLA Conference and had such a great experience with you all . Hope to see you all in the next conference…
Hi everyone it was a pleasure to see you again after yers of pandemic Thanks God I met with old friends and knew a new friend I m back home and wish you all the best Tom, Riti and Adi thank you for your support and help It was amazing as every time meeting you See you next conference
Sami, Locofreight
Dear all, we left the dessert early this morning. Would like to thank Tom, Riti, Adi and Sami for their great hospitility and fantastic AGM. We will stay in touch, and looking forward to develop new fruitful businesses with AGLN members soon. Warm regards,
Dimitri and Martin
Thank you all for this amazing conference.
Look forward to our after meetings (& drinks) communication. Have safe flights back home! 🐝
It was our first conference, but I must say that Mr. Tom and his crew is very professional and helpful. Their organization and arrangements were awesome, where I never experienced on other networks. There are real agents, which are keen to build mutual cooperation. I had some business at the time I was having 1 on 1. That is what you expect, having real business and having real fun. It was our first time, but will not be the last. Looking forward for next conference.
Can BOYACI - Agemar Global Logistics
Dear All, Many thanks from Tarika Group team to all of you and to Tom and team for the wonderful event, Riti and Adi did a fabulous job. Did not even seem like I met many of you for the first time. Made great friends and I hope to build on this with all of you. We are heading to the airport and flying out shortly. Cheers.
Hey guys! Finally I landed to İstanbul. I hope you all are safe back homes. It was very nice to meet you guys, and definitely was the best conference I ever had, thanks to Tom and Riti and all staff. Looking forward to see you at next conference. Till then if you come to Turkey, just give me a call! And dont forget about our republic day 😂🇹🇷 cheers 🍻
Hi friends, I would like to thank you for being so nice group it was a big pleasure to meet you and hope to see you soon. Very special thanks to Riti ( Rti eres oak mejor ). Tom super conference as always.
Daniel Saccone
Dear Tom,
Excuse me for delayed answer. It is a Honour for me to get your personal invitation. Since I have to stop my plan to go to last conference at last moment because problems with disc on my spine, I was a dreaming to have the happiness to meet all my friends in this year venue. I really enjoy a lot every conference that you prepare with your taste and knowledge of an expert in all the matters of running a Forwarders Organization in every aspect. Dear Friend Believe me that is a pain for me not being with you in Morocco. Hope You understand circumstances making it impossible for Us to assist and have a new possibility next convention. I will accompany you with my hope of a successful and fruitful venue.
Dear Tom and team,
With the help of reliable and trust worthy partners in the network, we are able to serve some of our prestigious customers in some of the most difficult areas. Our partners help us with transparent information throughout the follow of the supply chain management. Great to have an organization working to get all the partners together! The conferences further helps business partners become friends and friends become business partners We would highly recommend parties to join your network.
Thanks & Regards!!
Neha Gupta / Nishit Gupta
Dear Tom/Riti,
We hope and trust you have had or are having a safe and pleasant trip home to beautiful Spain. We also wanted to send a brief note of thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality during our attendance of the recently concluded Conference. We had an enjoyable time and equally important feel as though there are some genuine business opportunities. This was what we are looking for. In our experience, shipping is still about people and relationships through the good times as well as the challenging times. We value friendships dearly and hope to have made even a few lasting ones. We wish to thank you both as well as Tequilia Jonathan for everything. We also hope to see you again in the near term. Take care and once again thank you.
Mike Roy and Aiza
Thank you Tom for putting on such a great conference;
it was good to see everyone and catch up with friends and develop some new business. Wednesday’s activities were a lot of fun and our team winning made the event that much better. Wednesday’s Gala dinner and out drinking afterwards was a lot of fun. But as I had a 10:30 am flight back to the states the next morning, I should have called it a night a little earlier. Granted I have said that to myself many times in the past and still have not learned my lesson. Upon arriving back at the hotel at 5:00 am from a full night of drinking, I requested the front desk give me a wake up call at 6:30 so I could pack and be downstairs for my 7:30 taxi to the airport. I’m sure you can guess what happened, I slept through the alarm and wake up call. I woke up at 8:30 in a state of panic. Heart racing, I packed my bags and was downstairs in the lobby in a matter of 5 minutes. Jumped into a taxi and headed to the airport to try and catch my flight back home. Praying that the traffic is nothing like Chicago traffic, I headed to the airport and tried to come up with a Plan B incase I missed the flight. It’s not like I had to get back for a meeting or work thing, I needed to get back to see the Cubs play in the World Series. Well, I made it to the airport in record time and fortunately having Priority status I was able to go to the front of the line and was able to check in for my flight. I made it to the gate 5 minutes before they starting boarding. All’s well that ends well and it was a great conference and let’s make sure we all follow up and develop on sales to grow our businesses.
Best regards,
Senor Pagels!!
What a blast! Allow me to congratulate you on putting together another successful conference. It was truly a pleasure to see the old gang and meet new friends and business partners. The team-building activity was a success regardless of final standings – we all got to know each other a little better as the day progressed – lots of fun for sure. Once again, good job and great seeing you after all this time.
Warm regards, Douglas
Hi Tom,
It was a great pleasure to see you at conference and a joy to know you too. For your information; I’m member of other network; but what is different in yours ; is that you’re like a big family, one knows the other. and this is especially what I seek in the network. is to have the team spirit and business minds. I shall attend every time you organize a conference, for a moment of sharing and joy. So, wish to all members the glory and happiness! See you soon Tom,
Thanks so much for a wonderful conference. For me personally I’d say that the conference doesn’t just help my company generate and execute our business better, it helps to build partnerships – it helps make friends